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The World Browser Download www softpedia

The World Browser Download www softpedia
The World Browser, free download. The World Browser Download from www softpedia - The World Browser /
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The World Browser /
 The World Browser Download www softpedia

TheWorld Browser
The World Browser Download www softpedia

Internet browsers wage war against each other since many ages ago. Their never-ending quest for supremacy over the competitors was beneficial for end-users because more and more features were added to make the Internet navigation as pleasant as possible.

Besides the few behemoths playing in the big league, a number of smaller, but just as feature-packed challengers appeared and they also strive to gain an important number of users to claim their supremacy. Among their ranks, TheWorld Browser distinguishes itself as a fast, multi-tabbed navigator that comes with a variety of useful functions.

The installation procedure runs smoothly so you'll be able to use it a matter of moments. From the first run you'll notice the user-friendly interface that facilitates the access to all the functions. Besides the nice GUI, another plus is the speed with which the pages are loaded.

TheWorld Browser has its own multi-threaded download manager, designed for speed, and also a very useful ad-blocker to prevent unwanted windows from loading while you surf the Internet. The application will automatically import the Internet Explorer favorites, but you'll be able to specify a different directory where you keep your bookmarked pages.

The range of customizations you can make to this browser is quite impressive; all you have to do to convince yourself is pay a visit to the 'Option' section for an in-depth insight. Add-ons are not left aside, in fact the application comes with a few built-in goodies of this kind and you can always get more by using the 'Addons Manager'.

Another great thing about TheWorld Browser is the support for mouse gestures and also the drag & drop support for links and text strings as well. As you would probably expect from any browser well above the average, search engines can be added, removed and customized, thus enhancing the overall experience.

This particular utility has if not all, at least the vast majority of features to accommodate a wide range of users. Private browsing, multiple tabs, add-ons and loads of available configurations certainly help TheWorld Browser make the recommendations list, so you can take it for spin to check it out.

The World Browser Download www softpedia

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